Gig Announcement: January 31st 2020 Helsinki

Exciting news! Best kind of news! First gig booked for 2020 at Bar Mascot in Kallio, Helsinki, Finland. We’ll be joining a really exciting band, The Black Bubbles, for an event we’re calling “The End of Tipaton”. Mascot is a place we’ve not yet played at so this is a new stage to conquer. This is also a gig we’ll promote the hell out of as we have a hard ticket target to achieve. We need you all, your friends, and your friends’ friends there!

Ja vielä suomeksi: Tipaton päätetään ensi vuonna todella tyylikkäästi Kallion Mascotissa. Flush ja The Black Bubbles lavalla. Tätä ei kannata missata. Tätä ei voi missata. Tätä et saa missata.

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