Captain’s Log, October 30th 2019

It’s Lasse writing again. This month I turned one year older and developed pneumonia. Pneumonia was also known as “the old man’s friend” because it helped old people die faster back in the days. A terrific month indeed.

In less than two weeks we’ll do our second round of pre-prod recordings for the album. We’ll go to our friends’ practice place & studio and record for two evenings. Everything but vocals live. This is primarily to test the arrangement changes we’ve done since the first round of pre-prod.

Most of the changes are minor but some are pretty significant. Like starting the song with a chorus (wtf), adding a modulation in the end (WTF), and alternating between two different keys (WTF!). Are we still punk rock? Hell yes! We do what we like.

Lyrics editing is happening too. It’s surprisingly hard work and I am trying to maintain a certain degree of ambition here. The words should mean something, they should flow with the song and they should not be too obvious. Those are the three key criteria for me, and simply writing “I need you like the roses need the rain and the poet needs the pain” won’t do.

What else does one need for an album? An album title, art work, merchandise, promotion, distribution… all kinds of stuff that I’d gladly hand over to someone else, but being independent (which is punk, of course), we do it all by ourselves. Like Eric Carmen back in 1976.

Thanks for checking in. Thanks for listening. Thanks for understanding (this is a The Hold Steady reference – check them out too).



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