Studio Days 1-4 (25 January 2020)

Here we are, at Sound Supreme Studio in Hämeenlinna Finland. Today is our fourth day recording with our producer, the esteemed Mr Hiili Hiilesmaa. Hämeenlinna is one of Finland’s oldest cities (the oldest inland city), it has a really old castle and is the birth place of Jean Sibelius himself. Sound Supreme is a great studio with everything one might need. Great facilities, sounds and atmosphere.

We’ve so far nailed down the drums and most bass for 14 songs. Bögä has done an amazing job on the drums, playing to a click, which is a totally new sensation to us. It’s all serious and pro now. Today Eero is fixing bass tracks and after that we pack up and leave. Over the next month or so Lasse and Janne will be recording guitars and vocals at Hiili’s own studio, also in Hämeenlinna. Oh, and we’ve got a gig next week too. Must remember to turn up there too! Two additional gigs also confirmed or close to. April 30th in Helsinki (club gig) and June 13th in Loimaa (mini festival). Exciting times!

The album will come out this spring or early summer. Title and cover art yet to be determined. And a bunch of other things. But so far it’s looking pretty fucking promising.

Lasse / Flush

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