Recording done. Fuck yes.

This week we completed the recordings, finally. It took a while and definitely its toll, but they say diamonds too are compressed of shit. Or something. While I quite enjoyed the studio time, and Hämeenlinna is actually quite an ok city, I will not miss the driving between Helsinki and Hämeenlinna.

We recorded 14 tracks with the intention of 12 ending up on the album and two are backup or b-sides. Remains to be seen if that ends up being the case. After a few listens of the unmixed stuff, there could be changes to the plans, but we’ll only know once we get the mixes from Hiili.

Hiili… what a gentleman and artisan. The guy knows his shit, has no issues in saying how things are, and does it in a respectful and nice way. And he remains curious on the trade by e.g. studying the parallels between music production and obstetrics. It’s fucking obvious and genius. I do believe he pushed me to the best vocal performance I’ve done to date (ok, that does not really say much, I know) and there is an enormous amount of knowledge that we’ve gained as a band from this session. From things like getting the tempos right to just in general having high enough standards on things. It’s not about technical ability; it’s about just caring and concentrating enough to get it right. Might not sound punk but that’s exactly what makes it punk af.

So yeah, recording done. Now we’ll wait for the mixes and probably a few iterations of those, before the mastering. In the meantime we will begin the process of shopping around for deals related to publishing / distribution / artist 360s. If you know anyone, give us a shout.

Good times. Exciting times. Viral times ffs.

Stay hygienic, peeps.

Lasse / Flush


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