Cheap Beer

Unfortunately we could not arrange the album release party we wanted, but last Saturday we still had the chance to celebrate with friends, have some drinks, listen to the album a few times, and have more drinks. Then we had more drinks. Thanks to all who showed up and thanks to Barley & Bait for letting us get shit-faced there! Again.

The album is out now and even the lost CDs have been found. They are available now at least through Recordshop X and obviously you can get a CD at our next gigs as well. We also have a new batch of high quality ‘Cheap Beer-Rock Songs-Friday Nights’ t-shirts and matching baseball caps.

Feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive and most of it also genuine. Our music isn’t for everyone and it’s fine to say it out loud, but so far the songs seem to resonate quite well. We’re also getting notifications from various countries and in new languages, so clearly the album seems to be doing well. We did it primarily for ourselves, but obviously music needs a listener too and the rapidly growing streaming numbers are good news for us. I’ve been responding to a number of interviews recently and they don’t seem to stop anytime soon.

It’s getting really dark outside, at least here in the Nordics, and times are still pretty dire when it comes to lockdowns, quarantines and so on. There is a massively important election coming up and we’re all stressed about that too. So be well, take care of yourselves and each others. Lend an ear to the buddy who has gone unusually quiet. Make an effort to get fresh air and move around. Listen to new music or read a book. Stop reading this, shut down your computer or smart phone, and give your brain a rest. You’ll get through this.

Thank you all for your support on our journey.

Lasse / Flush

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