Gigs and Events

Upcoming Gigs:

14 November 2020 at Hard Rock House, Helsinki (Metalli Lauantai: Ninetyfive50, Flush, Jatala)

27 November 2020 at Barley & Bait, Helsinki (An Evening with Flush) (an acoustic gig)

[POSTPONED TO SOMEWHERE AND SOME TIME] Record Release Party in Helsinki (Handicapped by Laziness a.k.a. our album release party)

24 October 2020 at Barley & Bait, Helsinki (Album Listening and Drinks with Flush) (not a gig, just drinks and hangin’ out)


Past Gigs (last 2 years)

7 October 2020 at Bar Taikurin Hattu, Helsinki

31 January 2020 at Mascot Bar, Helsinki

27 April 2019 at Bar Rock Bear, Vantaa

13 March 2019 at Cactus, Helsinki

7 February 2019 at Bar Loose, Helsinki

27 September 2018 at Klubi, Tampere

15 September 2018 at Goblins, Bratislava, Slovakia

8 June 2018 at Semifinal, Helsinki

1 April 2018 at Golden Stage, Helsinki