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Welcome to our small and modest website. We are Flush, a rock band from Helsinki, Finland.

Our latest release is an EP called ‘Conspiracies, Threats and Chaos‘, released worldwide by Wormholedeath Records. Streaming links: https://orcd.co/conspiraciesthreatsandchaos

On this site you’ll find our music, videos, blog posts, our bio (scroll down), our media scrapbook, our socials (see header) and obviously gigs too. Before our latest EP, we released our debut album, ‘It Began as a Mistake‘, in October 2020.

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Kings and Queens (2021)
Weak and Wrong (2021)
Entertainment (2021)

The Band & The Bio

Flush is, from the left:

Eero – bass, nu-metal influences and youth

Bögä – drums, tempo and smiles

Lasse – guitars, vocals and most songs

Janne – guitars, some vocals and most solos.

Flush’s Bio (updated Feb 2023):

Flush is a four-piece rock band from Helsinki, Finland. Their 2020 debut album ‘It Began as a Mistake’ was followed in 2022 by the ‘Conspiracies, Threats and Chaos’ EP, released worldwide by the Italian label Wormholedeath Records. Flush’s songs are regularly played on rock and metal radio stations across the world, and the music can best be described as a rich and dark blend of alternative rock, punk rock, hard rock and metal.

Flush’s live shows are known for bringing joy and togetherness into a world of dystopia and gloom. The secret ingredients are pit friendly riffs, sing-along choruses, a healthy sense of dry and dark humour, and a strong endorsement to “lay waste to the bar” (drink the bar dry), something the bars typically appreciate very much! The band is known to be fond of good drinking establishments and has established a headquarter like presence in its favourite local beer & whisky bar, Barley & Bait, in Helsinki. In 2021, in collaboration with the bar, Flush launched a signature beer, ‘Cheap Beer’, named after one of its hit songs. The bar is also mentioned in their single ‘Entertainment’ and features heavily in the video for the song.

While the band’s songs frequently circle around topics of drinking and alcohol, they also cover state of the world politics, personal life stories, and struggles with mental health. Unlike one of its direct sources of inspiration, The Replacements, Flush takes its mission very seriously and intends to keep its shit together. In the Fall of 2022, having played all relevant local Helsinki venues several times, Flush toured all three Baltic countries and played lively shows at local rock clubs. Previously, Flush has also played in Bratislava, Slovakia. Currently the band is preparing to record new material, and aiming to conquer new territories and revisiting some familiar places in the latter half of 2023.

New Beginnings (EP, 2019) (sold out, no longer available)
It Began as a Mistake (album, 2020, Concorde Music/Inverse Records)
Conspiracies, Threats and Chaos (EP, 2021/2022, Wormholedeath Records)

Singles: Shine (2020), Dark (2020), Two-Minute Punk Song (2020), Entertainment (2021), Kings and Queens (2021) and Weak and Wrong (2021).

Contacts and resources:
flushrock@gmail.com ⎮ flush.rocks ⎮ facebook.com/flushmusic ⎮ instagram.com/flush_music

Review snippets from the ‘Conspiracies, Threats and Chaos’ EP:
Worth twelve minutes of everyone’s time” (PowerPlay Magazine, UK)
From grit to tender and from power to anthemic – Flush does it all and they do it all so perfectly. This EP is under twelve minutes long so you really have no excuse to not check it out. Seriously.” (Girl at the Rock Shows, US)
This is a very impressive EP that really has me looking forward to hearing what they have up their sleeves next.” (The Music Korner)

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Finally, if you need musical references, here some bands/artists we really love: Bad Religion, Tool, Pavement, Nick Cave, Rage Against the Machine, Wilco, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Helmet, Soundgarden, Mastodon, Korn, Spliknot, The Gaslight Anthem, Menzingers, The Hold Steady, Bon Iver, Tom Waits, Frank Turner, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Sigur Ros, Kae Tempest, Beastie Boys, Idles, Biffy Clyro, Primus, Nine Inch Nails, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Against Me!, Spanish Love Songs, Wiegedood… and hundreds more.

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