Been a while. Been too long.

Hey there! First of all, we’re doing good and still active, thank you very much. Hope you are too. In fact, we have just started a recording project, but more about that later. First, some updates from the Flush camp.

The album has been out a little more than 6 months now. We reached the 100k stream milestone on Spotify sometime ago and at the time of writing are up to 125k streams. As much as I hate that our only available metric is Spotify, this is a pretty good number for a band our size and with our fame. Obviously, without playing shows, we have not really been able to promote our album and have kept somewhat quiet for the last months.

That said, on May 1st we celebrated another album release! We are on a compilation album called ‘Sparka röv’ featuring punk and metal from Swedish speaking bands in Finland. It’s genuinely a really good compilation and I have listened to it quite a lot. We’ve got a few vinyls left so hit us up if you are into vinyl and want one of these limited presses.

It’s been a weird, shitty and simply devastating 12 months for the globe, for most of you and us, and for music and arts. With some light at the end of the tunnel it does look like this summer live music season will be lost and our aim is set to Fall and Winter. We are eagerly waiting for venues to be able to open up so we can schedule some shows and events. Vaccines are being rolled out in Finland now and half of the band is booked for jabs this week and the rest should be done by July. One of us actually had the virus (all good now) so soon we’ll be protected to some extent.

So the recording project… Music cannot be stopped and when songs come to you, you need to let them in and do what you can to channel them onwards. So we have some new songs that we are working on. Out of roughly a handful drafts, we decided to record four songs over two days. Day one is done and day two is in a week and a half. Then we’ll know how the songs turned out and what exactly we do with them. We believe the material is strong and we believe we know what we are doing with it, but this time we don’t have the professional production support and the time we had with the album. So we’ll see…

Two of the songs are more or less punk rocky and two are more metally. Working title references include Nirvana, Anthrax, Deftones, Rage Against the Machine and the term ‘party punk’. We’re obviously exited and looking forward to another music critic’s debate on whether or not our music is punk, thus making it impossible for said critic to actually talk about the music at all. We’ve got a track called ‘Entertainment’, which is a straight forward party punk anthem celebrating the imminent return of live music and entertainment. It’s not one to be taken too seriously. Another track is called ‘Kings and Queens’ and this one we got a chance to test live during our only proper show in the Fall of 2020. This is a hard-hitting groover. ‘Cut Me Open’ is a melodic metal song, which might end up featuring a hundred or so guitar tracks to make it as massive as possible. We’ll see. And then we have the working title ‘White Man’, which some of us think is Nirvana/Bleach era and some think is Anthrax. Go figure.

At this point we don’t know for sure whether these songs will be released as individual singles, an EP or something else. Time will tell. And as the band’s songwriter I can tell you that in addition to these four, there is stuff in the pipeline for at least another four new tracks as soon as we get to it.

That’s it really. It’s not been a great time for bands but at least we are healthy and maintaining some creativity. Again, hit us up if you want a really cool vinyl compilation or one of our CDs. We’ve got some left in the “warehouse” that is my bedroom. Be well, look after one another, get those vaccines when you can, and stay tuned for more updates from the Flush camp. Thanks for reading, thank for understanding.

Lasse / Flush

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