Humble and Grateful (and Studio Progress)

Live at Cafe Bar Mascot 31st Jan 2020. Pic by Mikko Linsiö.

Last week’s show at Mascot was exceptional. We hustled like maniacs and you guys, the Flush Mob, turned up in masses. Some from Slovakia, some from Germany, some from Sweden, some from an open bar with a global super star… Doesn’t matter how far or close, we are eternally grateful. And a special thanks to those that acquired new Flush fan gear. Fuckin hell, there are more than 20 new Flush t-shirt owners out there! Safe to say, we also did our best to empty the bar at Mascot, but as so often, the house won this time.

Back to work now. Tomorrow I will again be driving to Hiili’s studio for guitar recording. It’s also the first time I hear properly what the backing tracks from a few week back sound like. It’s pretty exciting. As a guitar gear nerd, I am obviously packing my 3 best guitars, my trusted Hot Rod Deluxe combo and 20+ effect pedals (of which I’ll probably use 2 or 3 including the tuner). More sessions for guitars and vocals next week and the week after. Now is really the last call for getting the lyrics finalized…

Btw, based on the pic above, you have to admit that a Flying V guitar goes pretty well with a Hawaii shirt, right? And that Mikko Linsiö is a damn good photographer.

Stay tuned and in-tune, flush mobsters.

Lasse / Flush

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